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Kids Academy Childcare hold many events throughout the year. All the team and the children participate in many activities throughout the nursery day, helping the children to learn through visual examples.

Past events:

Fire Brigade Visit

On Tuesday 15th August the children enjoyed a visit from Stockton Heath Fire Brigade. Everyone was very excited as the Fire Engine drove in to nursery and the fire men got out.

The fire men let us climb into the cabin of the engine and try on their uniforms.

We sat at the steering wheel and then we all held our hands near our ears as we listened to the really loud siren!!

Ice Cream Van Visit

During our topic of summer we were all very pleased when the ice cream van decided to pay us a visit.

It was a lovely hot day and as we paid the ice cream lady our money she gave us a big ice cream with sauce on top.

It helped to keep us all cool through those hot days in July.

Sports Day

Our annual sports day was held on Saturday 5th August at Whitley Village Hall and was a morning of fun and entertainment. The children had a great time participating in their races ranging from running, egg & spoon, through to the hoop and relay.

At the end everyone received a certificate and a packet of sweets for their efforts. Mums and dads also enjoyed racing each other with the winners choosing a bottle of wine as their prize!! Thankfully the weather stayed dry and we look forward to another fun filled day in 2007.

Police Visit

We had a visit from the Police in July.

They brought lots of equipment along with them and we looked at their safety signs and listened to their radios and siren.

The children loved to see a real policeman and asked him lots of questions, which will come in handy at dressing up time!!

World Cup Day

To celebrate the world cup, The Stables had their own world cup day in July.

With a set of goals, balls, banners and flags the children played football together, wearing their favourite football kits. There were lots of mini Gerrard’s, Lampard’s and Beckhams running around the garden.

Road Safety Day

To teach the children about safety during Summer we brought the Road Safety equipment in to nursery. The children loved pretending to be the lollipop person, dressing up in their clothes and using the child sized lollipop.

The children learnt how to use a pelican crossing, using the colours and noises it made to identify when and when not to cross the road.

Nursery Information

Nursery Name The Stables Day Nursery and Preschool

Address Grimsditch Lane
Lower Whitley

Telephone 01925 730 055

Nursery Manager Maggie Warburton

Open Hours Monday to Friday
7:30am to 6:30pm

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