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Frequently Asked Questions

What shall I bring with me on my first visit?

On your child’s first visit to a Kids Academy Childcare day nursery and preschool in Warrington you will need to bring a bag (preferably not a carrier bag) containing a change of clothes, nappies and wipes (if required), any creams your child may need (e.g. Sudocrem). Any other requirements your child may have you will need to bring with you for example: inhalers, formula milk ready made up in bottles, dummies etc…

How can I be sure my child will settle and get used to the routines?

Before your child starts at nursery we arrange three settling sessions, which are convenient with yourself and your child. This allows you and your child to get to know all the staff and your child’s key worker. These free sessions also allow your child to become familiar with the surroundings.

If your child is starting day nursery in the baby room, we will do our best to follow the routine your child has at home, so that your child settles in and is happy during the nursery day.

If your child is older and starting a Kids Academy Childcare preschool, then again we will continue if you have a set routine at home with meal times and any sleeps they may need. All the rooms have a set daily routine, which we follow to help the children settle and become aware of what happens during the nursery day. E.g. Meal times are at the same time every day, sleep times may vary dependent on the child’s age and needs, outdoor play times are at set times daily etc…

Can I ring the nursery throughout the day?

If your child attends a Kids Academy Childcare you can call the day nursery and preschool as many times as you want to until you feel happy, we will put you through to your child’s key worker who is looking after him or her and they will tell you how they are doing. You can call in on your breaks if you work locally and see how your child is either in the rooms or on our C.C.T.V cameras in the office. Please feel free to call us at any time.

What happens if my child is poorly whilst at nursery?

If your child becomes poorly at a Kids Academy Childcare day nursery and preschool then we will contact you immediately and ask for your permission to administer Calpol (if required). We will then ask you to collect your child from nursery.

What if my child has antibiotics?

It is Kids Academy Childcare policy to keep children at home for 48 hours after their first dose of the antibiotics. This is our policy in case of any allergies or reactions your child may have.

What if I can’t get to the nursery in time for closing? Can I send someone else?

If you can’t get to Kids Academy Childcare day nursery and preschool in time you may send someone else but they must be over 18 years old and you must give them the password, which was on your original Kids Academy Childcare registration form. You must inform the day nursery and preschool who will be coming and give us a full description of the person and what time they will be arriving. When the person arrives they will be asked the password and several other questions such as the child’s date of birth and the first line of the child’s address. We will then meet the person at the main door and bring them into the nursery. Please do not give out the code to the door. We will then ask the person to sign our collections book to say they have collected your child from a Kids Academy day nursery and preschool.

How do I pay my fees?

Kids Academy Childcare Fees are payable on the 4th of every month by direct debit. We require a deposit of £50.00 to secure your place, this money will then be taken off your final month’s fees when your child leaves the nursery.

What is the 3 and 4 year old grant and how does it work?

The school term after your child turns 3 years, you are entitled to five free sessions per week, which is funded by the government. You will be asked to sign a consent form to prove your child attends the nursery, if you decide to claim them here, as you can claim your free child sessions in any pre-school setting, you just need to let the manager know when you have decided, then we will do the rest for you. Although your fees are still due on the first of every month and you may well have a standing order set up, you need to continue with payments as normal and we will reimburse you when we receive the money. Please see our money matters section on this website for more detailed information.

What if my child doesn’t eat his/her meals?

If your child does not eat the provided meals we will make them something else that we know they will eat and enjoy.

If you have and questions or queries regarding your childcare place at any Kids Academy Childcare day nursery and preschool in Warrington please do not hesitate to contact us.