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How To Choose A Nursery

At Kids Academy Childcare we understand that as a parent you have a choice of childcare providers offering different benefits to you as a parent. Children’s Day nurseries also differ too. This comprehensive check list is designed to help you ask the right questions when selecting a day nursery and preschool that is right for you.

We sincerley wish you choose a Kids Academy day nursery and preschool and guarantee that we will provide and outstanding childcare education for your son or daughter.


  1. Does the day nursery and preschool feel happy, warm and welcoming? Do the children seem happy and are they interacting with the staff?
  2. Are the opening hours suitable for you?
  3. Is the day nursery and preschool open all year round?
  4. Is the building safe, comfortable and geared to child car?
  5. Is the day nursery and preschool registered with Ofsted? Is the certificate on display?
  6. Is the day nursery and preschool properly equipped to care for each age group? Is it bright and clean?
  7. Can parents visit at any time?
  8. Is there a safe outdoor play area?


  1. Does the day nursery and preschool have a realistic attitude towards the needs of working parents?
  2. Does the day nursery and preschool have a secure procedure for the collection of children?
  3. Check entry /exit security.
  4. Is there a formal list of exclusion for communicable illnesses?
  5. Check emergency evacuation procedures?
  6. Can you see their policies?
  7. What is their policy on discipline?
  8. Do the day nursery and preschool have a strong equal opportunity policy?
  9. Is the nursery flexible and does it take parental requests into account?
  10. What is their settling in period for new children?


  1. Does the day nursery and preschool consider and meet emotional, physical and educational needs of children from 0- 5 years?
  2. Children of a similar of age should be grouped together, but check that they also have opportunity to mix.
  3. Is the child able to rest or sleep in a quite area?
  4. Ask other parents how they view the day nursery and preschool.
  5. Is there an emphasis on fun and well being?
  6. Does the day nursery and preschool encourage healthy eating? Check what they cook and that their menus are well balanced and nutritious.
  7. Are bathrooms hygienic with areas for children to wash their hands? Is the children’s personal privacy considered?
  8. Are all dietary requirements catered for?
  9. Does the nursery encourage good personal hygiene habits like washing hands and brushing teeth?
  10. Do they have suitable nappy changing and toilet facilities?


  1. What is the staff turnover like?
  2. Are the staff friendly and sincere? How do they seem with the children? How do they get on with each other?
  3. Is the manager and Deputy suitably qualified and experienced?
  4. Are the staff interested in you and your child? Do they listen to you and your questions?
  5. Are there First Aiders on site?
  6. Does the nursery adhere to the minimum staff ratios?
  7. Are the staff well trained? Ofsted dictates a minimum of 50% qualified staff.


  1. What will be your child’s routine? How does the day nursery and preschool plan its activities and how varied are they?
  2. Is there a structured curriculum based on the guild lines of the foundation stage of the National Curriculum, preparing children for primary school?
  3. Is there a computer for use by older children?
  4. Does the nursery enhance its daily routine with interesting activities or outings? Does this apply to all ages including babies?
  5. How is the information about your child’s day communicated to you? Are activity plans on display to view and is there evidence of well- rounded curriculum?