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A Home From Home

We are fully aware that the transition from home to nursery does seem quite daunting for a small child. This is why we at Kids Academy work hard to support you and your family through this transition. Through clear daily routines and structures as well as effective staff deployment and specific grouping of children at key times of the day we ensure that your child receives quality care, attention and warmth from our team in a welcoming and calm environment.

Our aim is to offer a home from home environment that not only ensures that the environment is safe and secure but also has strong links with the home to make this transition as smooth as possible.

This is achieved with the use of key pieces of equipment and resources, staff taking on a caring and nurturing approach and care and education being delivered at each individuals pace and rate to cater for their ever changing needs.

To support this further our team ensure that key routines and aspects of each child’s normal everyday procedures not only are taken on board but impact and remain a focus for their daily experiences whilst with us. These can be anything from:

  • Sleep times at home
  • Favourite stories, songs or rhymes that they enjoy singing and being sung
  • Comforters and other personal routines that they enjoy
  • Special words, sounds or phrases that are used and a child is familiar with
  • Meal times and preferences
  • Special family photos that your child will enjoy seeing and making reference to throughout their nursery day

You could even provide us with tapes of you singing special rhymes and songs for us to play within the nursery for your child to enjoy or you could share favourite musical CD’s and songs that you enjoy within the home for your child to also listen to throughout their nursery day. We are only too happy to implement anything that you feel will assist your child in their learning, education or in their general wellbeing and putting a smile upon their face.