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Health & Safety

Children need to explore in order to learn about the world around them but, sadly, every year about 600,000 children under five end up in hospital because of an accident in the home.

The safer you make your home the less likely it is that their exploration will land them in trouble.

Outside your home it’s not so easy to make sure everything is as safe as it can be, but by getting together with other parents you can make a difference. Don’t be afraid to put pressure on your local council to undertake the following:

  • To make road crossings safer
  • To mend stairs and walkways and improve lighting
  • To clear rubbish tips and board up old buildings

Protect and teach

Children under the age of three are not capable of understanding or remembering safety advice. They need to have an adult nearby at all times.

Three-year-olds can start learning about safety but they are likely to forget things when excited or distracted.

Eight-year-olds can usually remember and act upon safety instructions, although should not be expected to cross busy roads unaccompanied. They need adults around to call on for help at all times.

Children under eleven are unable to judge speeds and distances so should never be left to cross busy roads alone.

From the age of eight or nine, children should be able to cross quiet roads on their own but they must understand how to wait until there are no cars at all. They should be aware of and practice the Green Cross Code.