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Meal Times

At Kids Academy meal times are happy and social occasions in where the children are accompanied at the table by the staff to support them in learning appropriate table manners and behavioural standards. Good manners are role modelled and encouraged and staff demonstrate this throughout all meal and snack times as polite conversation and positive interactions are encouraged. The older children are encouraged to help at meal and snack times in the preparations and serving of meals as this can play an important part in the social life of the nursery as well as reinforcing children’s understanding of the importance of healthy eating. The day nursery and preschool will ensure that:

  • All meals and snacks provided are nutritious, healthy and balanced.
  • Children’s medical and personal dietary requirements are respected
  • Weekly menus are planned in advance and food offered is fresh, wholesome and balanced
  • A multi-cultural diet is offered to ensure that children from all backgrounds encounter familiar tastes and that all children have the opportunity also to try unfamiliar foods
  • The dietary requirements of each child are known to the nursery and met in appropriate ways and a vegetarian option is offered at every lunch time which can act as an alternative if a child dislikes their initial option.
  • Milk provided for children is whole and pasteurised

The nursery menu offers the children a:

  • Breakfast
  • Mid-morning drink
  • Lunch
  • Mid afternoon snack
  • Light tea

This menu is displayed on all notice boards throughout the nursery and alongside this menu the children are offered fruit with all meals and can access drinks independently from their room as and when they choose.