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Exercise and Outdoors

As part of our commitment to offering quality education and learning opportunities to every child at Kids Academy we ensure that all children are frequently offered quality outdoor and exercise time where they engage in both planned and spontaneous play opportunities that are enjoyable and challenging to promote and support their learning and development. This is tailored to meet the individual needs and interests of each child within our care.

Our outdoor area is laid out and divided into learning areas similar to the indoor environment to ensure that the children are offered similarities in play, toys and resources as at Kids Academy. Indoor and outdoor areas are considered to be of equal importance to the children and the curriculum that they are offered, the only difference in the two being the surroundings and their immediate environment. It is this and factors such as the elements, animals and sounds that provide a unique learning experience to each childand leads to a positive impact on their development and wellbeing.

Our team are committed to offering these opportunities to children through their attentive and enthusiastic support and dedication which enables children to understand the importance of outdoor play and learning and relish the exciting daily opportunities. Each outdoor area is richly resourced with play materials that allow the children to play and learn with them in many ways but for us the approach that we take is to ensure that the experiences the children are offered are key to their learning rather than just the emphasis alone being made on the equipment.

Our outdoor areas are safe and secure which allow the children to engage in many activities from dance, movement and sound to role play and quality physical time on the bikes and trikes. Every child’s interest and learning will be catered for in the great outdoors.