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Balanced Diets

The children are offered a balanced and nutritious menu daily and each meal is based upon a healthy and nutritive balance of:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Dairy

Large quantities of fats and sugars are avoided as are salts, additives, preservatives and colourings but instead healthy options of foods are delivered to the children in fun and exciting ways such as stewed pears with chocolate shavings, smiley face fruit platters and bread sticks with yummy homemade dips.
To promote and support our commitment to balanced diets we work alongside parents and carers in catering for all children and we do this be following set procedures with children at meal times, some of these examples are:

  • If a child does not finish their first course they will be given a small helping of dessert.
  • Any child who shows signs of distress when faced with food will have their meal removed without any fuss.
  • Children who refuse food will be offered an alternative.
  • Children who are slow eaters will be given time to eat their food and not be rushed.
  • Quantities will be considered alongside the age of the children.

Our meals are freshly prepared and made each day by a highly experienced and qualified chef in our well equipped kitchens with the aim simply being to provide healthy and nutritionally balanced meals and snacks to the children.