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The Early Years Foundation Stage

Kids Academy Chilcare provide a holistic approach to your childs education

Following it’s introduction in September 2008, the EYFS has the important feature of being an integrated framework relating to all children aged from birth to five, which removes the distinction between education and care.

It is now recognised that a holistic approach is the best way to provide for children’s needs – an approach which puts learning and development within the wider context of children’s welfare and wellbeing.

Developmental Education Framework within Kids Academy Childcare in Warrington

An important feature of the EYFS is the principle of it being a developmental framework. Rather than prescribing a set of learning objectives or targets, it is intended to provide a continuum of development milestones which acknowledges the fact that children are unique and may not progress in the same way or at a uniform rate.

Although children may be at different points along their own developmental pathways, the EYFS does reflect “average” norms or expectations. The framework gives an indication of stages of development ie - what most children will have achieved within key timescales.