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Kids Academy Childcare Training

As a pioneering multi award winning childcare nursery chain, we understand that comprehensive training of Staff is vital to any day care nursery success. To be awarded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted is accreditation to the superb in house and on the job training that we at Kids Academy Childcare can supply.

We are committed to the provision of effective, successful and enjoyable child day care training that is designed to develop the skills and understanding of the nursery team. This is then measured and reassessed to ensure you and your team continue on the ‘plan, do, review’ process that enables your teams continuous development.

We are not your average course provider – Our proven, systematic child day care training is tailored to suit your needs and forms the framework of our flagship nurseries.

How do we do this?

We have divided child day care training into specific Core modules. Full core module child day care training can be provided at our head office training centre in Cheshire. Choose from a 5 day course or individual nursery specific sub modules delivered in one day.

Core Module 1 – Regulatory Policies and Procedures Training

Childcare staffs need to be fully aware of the seriousness of the job they do. They need to be adequately trained and regularly updated on policies that they can use to protect themselves and their nursery business. Childcare staffs require practical case studies to fully understand that policies and procedures don’t just sit on a dusty shelf in an office; they are live and working documents that represent the framework of the nursery business.

Core Module 2 – Staff Roles and Responsibility Training

Childcare staffs play a vital role in the success and credibility of a nursery. Staffs need to be trained on their daily responsibilities to children. Understanding their basic job description is not enough. A child’s needs change on an hourly basis and child day care training can help you adapt freely to fluctuating circumstances.

Core Module 3 – Staff Practitioner Practical and Theoretical Training

Unqualified and newly qualified childcare staffs need ongoing child day care training to keep them abreast of new curriculum changes.  Continuous development is achieved through our in-house observations of roles and activities. Through monthly feedback on performance, staff can continually improve their technique and consistently provide quality care and education.

Core Module 4 – Nursery Management Training

Managers need to continually assess their business practices in order to succeed. Nursery management training can ensure you are always improving relationships with customers, marketing your business to its full potential and converting enquiries in an efficient manner. We provide a full management training course to put in place systems and structures to ensure they continually develop; ensuring the nursery remains a pioneering flagship enterprise.