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Staff Testimonials

Ellie Syers - Nursery Assistant

I have worked at Kalgarth Grange Day Nursery and Preschool since it opened in January 2004 and I really enjoy coming to work. Whilst working at Kalgarth Grange Day Nursery and Preschool I have been promoted to a senior member of staff in the toddler room which involves different challenges for me to overcome. During our annual conference I gained the awards for most improved nursery nurse, which was nice to receive and made me feel that my efforts had been recognised.

The staff here at Kalgarth Grange Day Nursery and Preschool are really nice and fun to work with and they all work really hard, The managers in the nursery are really nice and with their open door policy it is really easy to talk to them if I ever have any problems.

I see myself working at Kalgarth Grange Day Nursery and Preschool for years to come, as there are lots of job opportunities which will help my career develop.

Leanne Rudge - Head Of Early Learners

I started to work for Kids Academy Childcare in May 2004 where I was employed as a Nursery Nurse at The Stables Day Nursery and preschool. Due to a housing relocation in July 2004 I moved to Kalgarth Grange Day Nursery and Preschool and have been here ever since. When I first started here it was quite quiet and we had less than half the staff we have now. I was a bit unsure at first as I missed the noise and familiarity of the Stables, however as we started to increase in numbers and more and more children joined us I soon settled and all the staff bonded really well. If you could look back then it was almost silent but now when you walk in the nursery it warms your heart to hear the sound of laughter and excitement coming from all the children having fun playing with their friends.

I was promoted to Senior Nursery Nurse in the Toddler Room towards the end of 2004, this meant I had more responsibilities and I was more involved in the running of the room – I loved it! At first I was a bit worried what the other staff would say but they were really helpful and made my job really easy.

Almost a year later the Head Of Room left to go travelling around the world so a vacancy arose for her position and I got offered it – I was delighted. I started this position in Nov 2005 and this is where the fun started. I had to make sure everything was working within the room, planning the curriculum, care and safety of the children etc and basically anything to do with the organisation of the room. I loved the challenge and although at times it was hard the team supported me and helped me through it. Thank you to all the girls who helped me!

In March 2006 I was given the opportunity to challenge myself further – to move to a room I hadn’t worked in before and a new staff team. I wasn’t sure at first as I was comfortable running the Toddler Room and knew my own team and the children well but I chose to do it. In March I joined the Early Learners Room and it is the best thing in my career I have done so far. I now run a very busy room that’s always full of new prospects and there is never a dull moment in the day. All the staff are wonderful and we have really formed well as a team. The children are mostly from my old Toddler Room so I knew them already only now they can have a conversation with me. I am so proud to know that I have helped them develop into their own little characters and personalities.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the management team and proprietors for recognising my abilities and for their help and support over the last couple of years. I hope there are many more challenges to enjoy over the next few years.

Nisha Sudworth – Childcare Practitioner - The Stables

I have worked at The Stables for 12 months now, I really enjoy coming to work each day as I have always wanted a career in childcare and Kids Academy gave me the opportunity to do so.

First and foremost I love bonding with the children/parents and interacting with the children on a daily basis. I am currently undertaking an NVQ Level 3 in childcare through the company and hope to further my qualifications in the future.

Working at The Stables is such a rewarding job and I feel that in time I can further my career by continual training and development.

Abi Smith – The Stables

I have worked at Kids Academy since 2008 at The Stables and have been able to fulfil ambitions by gaining promotion and I currently hold a managerial position having progressed from a childcare practitioner.

There are opportunities to gain further qualifications through a fantastic training programme which involves both in-house and external facilities.

I enjoy working as a team and my colleagues are both professional and fun to work with but most importantly I love working with the children.

At Kids Academy I can combine my love of working with children with developing my professional career. I am fully supported in my role and feel I have a position within the company that is lifelong.

Feedback quotes from Staff Reviews June 2010

“A good, professional and welcoming interview”

“The company is professional and supportive of their staff”

“Interview went very well and Katie and Ellie both made me feel at ease quickly”

“I was very impressed with the background information I was given regarding the company, especially the training programme. I had the impression straight away that staff here are well taken care of”

“I thought the company was great”

“I thought the setting was really nice and the staff were really friendly”

“I felt that the interview went well and I was happy with the impression that I got”

“I felt that the company was well organized, friendly and welcoming”

“I felt very at ease in the interview and left feeling positive”

“Since I have started working at the nursery it has been enjoyable and I have felt like part of the team”

“I feel happy that I can approach staff with any questions or requests”

“The interview was good and both Sarah and Sue were very professional and positive and it was lovely to see all of the children engaged in activities during the interview showround”

“I gained an extremely good impression of the company and felt very enthusiastic about being part of Kids Academy”

“I thought my interview went very well and that Maggie and Jade were very nice and conducted the interview well making me less nervous”

“I felt that the company was a well run business and very organized”

“All the staff were very friendly and polite”

“I felt the setting was extremely welcoming and the interview was very professional”

“I felt both my interviewers were pleasant and did a good job of explaining questions and getting things across to me”

“I thought the company offered a good environment and that it was definitely a place I would like to work”