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Staff Development

In order to ensure that we achieve our goal in providing outstanding childcare we ensure that our team, are also very clear of our vision and this is echoed daily as they work alongside us in accomplishing our aim.

Through the continual daily support and training that we offer to our team we in return have a highly committed, dedicated and motivated workforce who work well within the high standard parameters that are set and maintained on a daily basis.

Our staff development is not only achieved through internal training systems and programmes but also via an in-depth Job Offer Pack that is customized for their role. A section of the job offer pack is a clear definitive roles and responsibilities section that enables any member of the team during their induction to have a very clear understanding of what their role entails. Due to the clarity that is attained from the beginning of each individuals employment our team can work alongside these set roles and responsibilities and implement these duties as part of their daily roles which in turn leads to a highly skilled individual.

As we ensure that every team member is provided with the best tools and knowledge to do their jobs well, we additionally provide an idyllic work environment that to supports and assist them with in depth operational procedures and systems so we can rest assured that our team are well supported, capable and very confident within their roles.

In Kids Academy good practice starts at the top and is cascaded down through effective role modelling and supporting one another and by giving everyone a voice. Thus ensuring that every staff member is listened to and acknowledged we can constantly advance and make improvements and continue to thrive in making Kids Academy a huge success.