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Commitment to Training

As a company we are highly committed towards staff training, development and progression for all of our employees as we truly want each and every staff member to reach their fullest potential within their role, careers and aspirations.

By supporting our staff in attaining this we naturally create high morale within our settings, exceptional team work and very high staff retention which is something that we pride ourselves upon.

This commitment to training has been echoed and proven through the many members of our team who have managed to successfully progress within our company’s clear and concise career ladder and through hard work and support have successfully been promoted from Childcare Practitioner right through to Nursery Manager.

These results are achieved through a thorough in house training and development system which is tailored to each staff member’s role and provides each individual with clear steps on how to continue working to the best of their abilities as they continue to seek to improve upon their existing skill set and knowledge.