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Rob & Sue Jones started the Evolution Childcare (formerly Kids Academy) in 1999. Before starting the business Rob played football for Liverpool and England and Sue was a professional tennis coach.

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12/25/2013 11:14:14 AM

Happy Christmas from all the team at Kids Academy x

12/31/2013 11:45:00 PM

From all the team at Kids Academy UK we would like to wish you all a Happy and prosperous New Year for 2014

1/5/2014 9:56:14 AM

These are great, wish my lunch box had these in

1/5/2014 11:36:22 AM

In Oregon it is now illegal to smoke in a car with a child present, should it be like this all over the world ?

1/6/2014 8:57:03 AM

Happy 10th Birthday to Kids Academy Woolston ! Well Done Team !

1/7/2014 7:32:09 PM

Wow ! 250+ FREE ebooks for children ? I wish we had found this earlier .... What do you think ? http://bit.ly/1ddljXu

1/13/2014 9:08:53 AM

With Christmas now firmly behind us, 2014 is set to be a bumper year for Kids Academy UK the international franchise of Award Winning Child Day Care. What will you be doing in 2014 ?

1/15/2014 11:51:48 AM

The team have started 2014 off with a bang ! Two branches have celebrate 10 years and we are set to open another 6 branches very soon! Who do you know that would benefit from a Kids Academy Franchise ?

1/20/2014 9:56:03 AM

Some of our senior management team are visiting our franchisees in a warmer climate today. If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go ?

1/23/2014 8:56:09 AM

All our staff are dedicated to the highest level of child care. This is what some of the parents say about us......

2/4/2014 7:40:16 PM

Share with us your "Look Back" videos, Sure your friends and family will love them ! https://www.facebook.com/lookback

2/7/2014 9:27:42 AM

This hard hitting information video is one you will want to share. Titled 'Kids, don't share too much online!'. Definitely a video to show older siblings. For further information contact the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre- https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/

3/4/2014 10:52:33 AM

Exciting day, today we are getting our container loaded ready to be shipped to Dubai in preparation for our new nursery opening !

3/4/2014 10:52:33 AM

Exciting day, today we are getting our container loaded ready to be shipped to Dubai in preparation for our new nursery opening !

3/4/2014 10:52:33 AM

Exciting day, today we are getting our container loaded ready to be shipped to Dubai in preparation for our new nursery opening !

3/4/2014 1:24:00 PM

3/30/2014 10:08:36 AM

Happy Mothers Day ! Hope all the Mums are having a relaxing day from everyone at Kids Academy UK

10/7/2014 6:05:00 PM

Exciting recruitment opportunities to join our team at our sister nursery Kalgarth Grange Nursery School (Woolston). We are currently looking for an experienced Childcare Practitioner and a Nursery Chef. To apply contact Amy or Emma on 01925 816888 or send us your current CV to kalgarth@kids-academy.co.uk

10/30/2014 11:57:19 AM

Why not try some tasty Halloween treats, #happyhalloween #hiddenvegetables for more ideas follow us on https://twitter.com/KidsAcademyUK

10/30/2014 6:45:01 PM

Looking for something fun to do this weekend Knowsley Safari park are offereing half price admission. #familyfun http://www.knowsleysafariexperience.co.uk/

11/29/2014 10:45:26 PM

We would just like to announce ........ Kids Academy UK has just won Nursery Training Development Award 2014 l

12/12/2014 3:25:38 PM

12/12/2014 4:17:11 PM

12/12/2014 4:18:02 PM

We are very excited about our rebrand to Evolution childcare #NewYear #NewEra #NewName #positivechanges

12/19/2014 2:48:57 PM

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

Exciting News! We are recruiting, please contact the relevant nursery for a Staff Application Form #careers http://t.co/Pk0hgkaYyv

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

Officially the biggest nappy change unit EVER #hygienic http://t.co/mFV2jrwbmB

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

Onsite today at new Hall street Nursery - smile boys! 😬#willows #nursery http://t.co/oZtd6Jo3hL

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

RT @NDNAtalk: Shadow minister @Alison_McGovern visits @EvolutionChildC http://t.co/UOfVdbjINm

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

We can always rely on our team to make nursery events that little bit more special #enhancinglearning #fun http://t.co/blT4IcjmEH

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

Santa is preparing for his final Nursery trip tomorrow, can you guess where? http://t.co/YAqwleV3TF

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

RT @educationgovuk: 'The childcare market is thriving’ @SamGyimah #BuildingBritain @EvolutionChildC http://t.co/IRn6HbtVhw

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

RT @Kerry1608: @SueJones19 @Space_Station how funny, Matt and I have been talking about this for the last few days, building upon Theo's an…

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

After a magical day with the Willows children today, Santa is recharging his batteries to visit Kalgarth tomorrow http://t.co/6vOKO6EQ3Z

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

RT @SueJones19: Having watched @Space_Station in Summer - this will be so cute! #seeingisbelieving #santasleigh http://t.co/7XXdljQzA4

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

Nothing like homemade Christmas cards for Parents #keepsakes #memories #childhood http://t.co/mSqj33lJp5

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

If you are looking for a witty Christmas gift for a new dad to be - we Love 'Commando dad - Raw Recruits' #survival http://t.co/gmas5WwLRV

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

Baby doesn't need to miss out! @EllasKitchenUK have made a delicious jingle belly Christmas Dinner pouch - 7 months + http://t.co/Rf0o7MiSNk

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

Ho..ho...hors...d'oeuvre getting creative with crackers! 6xcrackers, 6xchorizo slices, cream cheese, capers + celery http://t.co/MOljeCEmv2

12/21/2014 1:50:13 AM

A little birdie tells me that some lucky children at Willows are expecting a very special visitor tomorrow afternoon http://t.co/zXsoq5voU2