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Meet Rob & Sue Jones

Rob & Sue Jones started the Evolution Childcare (formerly Kids Academy) in 1999. Before starting the business Rob played football for Liverpool and England and Sue was a professional tennis coach.

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11 Feb 2016 06:28

Supermarkets are under fire today for 'deals' that lead to 21% more family spending per year! #shopsavy #save 💸💰💳 https://t.co/2FujG0cncF

10 Feb 2016 11:06

Huge Congratulations to Stables Nursery who have just had their environmental health inspection #topmarks ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ https://t.co/YLOmJbvqEk

10 Feb 2016 10:44

If a child who has recently had any infection develops any of these symptoms call 999 immediately #sepsis #seekhelp https://t.co/MpRMskpTM6

10 Feb 2016 09:42

Having gorged on pancakes! Today is the 1st day of Lent! At HQ will be giving up abbreviations!! #laughingoutloud 👍🏻 https://t.co/xpPcPndSTw

09 Feb 2016 08:17

Happy Pancake Day! We'd love for you to #share your #pancake creations with us today #PancakeDay https://t.co/2lo2Y1N28L

08 Feb 2016 07:21

2016 Is Fire Monkey Year! Every Chinese New Year is represented with an animal and an element! 💥🐒 #monkey #fire https://t.co/ECchdWN52n

05 Feb 2016 09:34

Today's all about 'Maths' as we cover an abundance of maths related activities for #NumberDay #shape #space #numbers https://t.co/ruoHFdeDqf

03 Feb 2016 06:24

Don't wait till Feb 14th to say 3 words ❤️ Tell children every day how much you love them! #parent #child #security https://t.co/2tQiL9874y

02 Feb 2016 10:12

So 6 more winter weeks ahead?? Who listens to a rodent anyway? 😂 #weather #GroundhogDay 💨❄️☔️⛄️ https://t.co/n2q71dO59I

02 Feb 2016 08:28

It's Groundhog Day Legend says If scared he returns to his burrow & we are in store for six more weeks of winter ❄️ https://t.co/eJ0422pMGE

01 Feb 2016 10:32

If like us you are fond of fresh Seasonal fruit and veg - February is the month of Clementines & Onions #seasons 🍊 https://t.co/jNRpHhlqfm

01 Feb 2016 10:29

Wishing everyone a Happy White Rabbit First of the Month #goodluck #whiterabbitswhiterabbitswhiterabbits 🐇🐇🐇 https://t.co/1o33xlZbit

31 Jan 2016 14:50

So runny eggs are safe again 4 pregnant mums & toddlers as long as they have the British Lion Kitemark on the shell https://t.co/jFyqa025Q0

30 Jan 2016 11:20

The official opening at Willows Nursery School! Thanks to @DecPatton7 and @wolvesrl Wolfie https://t.co/YEFVhnA1wt

30 Jan 2016 10:45

Can't make today's Open Day at Willows? Don't worry ring the team on 01925 419911 and book a viewing #Nursery https://t.co/Q0t7i8km0t

30 Jan 2016 09:01

1hr countdown to our Open Day at Willows Nursery School. Come along & see us, 10-2 #Warrington #Nursery #OpenDay https://t.co/MvIGNC9OZc

29 Jan 2016 08:30

We're pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah Fox as Nursery Manager at our new Blackburn franchise nursery - opening April 2016

28 Jan 2016 18:34

Who's coming to our Willows Open Day on Saturday? Can we tempt u with some food tasting from our award winning Chef? https://t.co/mcobZlKY9B

27 Jan 2016 10:11

Have we mentioned our Willows Nursery is having an Open Day this weekend? 10-2 #Warrington #AwardWinning #Nursery https://t.co/4dvDwfB7aL…

26 Jan 2016 10:31

Lots of energetic & dynamic physical activities planned for today to compensate for the weather & wind #outdoors https://t.co/CSxo6WE9nQ

25 Jan 2016 10:18

Happy Burns Night to all #RobertBurns #haggis #piping #traditions https://t.co/ke06581Bkj

25 Jan 2016 10:12

Lots of money off offers & savings to be had @asda in the Baby and Toddler Event #rollback #savings #nursery https://t.co/fJc16sJ6c2

25 Jan 2016 09:54

Have you claimed your free pack yet to join in in the @Natures_Voice #BigGardenBirdwatch this weekend? https://t.co/KQeYrcu7HS

22 Jan 2016 13:56

Today's #QualityAssurance checks are underway! Who said dressing up fun was just for the children? clipboard ready✍🏽 https://t.co/olg1rMoiXm

21 Jan 2016 10:17

Calling all parents! Spring will soon be upon us & we need your help. Can you please bring in any old wellies ⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://t.co/d1vEWZNyAj

21 Jan 2016 10:02

Happy #NationalHugDay everyone! There will be lots of #PSE covered today in the form of hugs, cuddles & snuggles https://t.co/vdrj3TyR7f

20 Jan 2016 18:11

Oh help, Oh no! It's a Gruffalo! The children have enjoyed going on a #Gruffalo hunt in the outdoor role play area https://t.co/1zocGSEHKQ

19 Jan 2016 10:49

Our Fab Finance Director Adam, will be Thrifty and Fifty this week🎈🎂🎈 sending huge congratulations from the team xxx https://t.co/nqMu8K6Prg

19 Jan 2016 10:42

Emma, The Abbey nursery Manager talks candidly about promotions, prosecco, &the phone call that started the journey https://t.co/LaEYe5NIi7

19 Jan 2016 10:36

Amy our fabulous Kalgarth Grange manager has been blogging on 'The importance of Story time with children' 📕📘📒 https://t.co/iXfJCGXIf4

19 Jan 2016 08:54

Today's recipe for learning has been created, here's to another active & play filled day #EarlyYears #EYFS https://t.co/7KCgjQzLFD

18 Jan 2016 12:17

We have just enjoyed cuddles from gorgeous baby Rory at Head Office, big congratulations to Zoey & Ceiron! #babyboy https://t.co/npXeohb2rg

18 Jan 2016 10:54

12 days till our Official Willows Open Day. Come along & join us & see what we have to offer #Warrington #Community https://t.co/AJf84gmxrg

18 Jan 2016 08:36

Keep your eyes peeled as this week it's all about the role play areas! Can you help too by bringing in resources? https://t.co/H1pS6QSaE7

16 Jan 2016 08:04

Every mum knows weekends are fab, fun and for endless laundry..... 👕👚👗 #itsnotforever #disappear https://t.co/VvP6p0Q9Xd

15 Jan 2016 13:10

A wonderful training morning spent with our Assistant Management team today. The enthusiasm & drive was infectious! https://t.co/R7AMO88KDV

14 Jan 2016 14:32

Getting giddy @EvolutionChildC HQ over our new Open day ⬅️➡️ Sandwich boards 😂 ☎️01925 419911 #willows #warrington https://t.co/zuE75mEzp1

14 Jan 2016 11:22

We absolutely loved our very own Jack from 'Jack & Jill' dress up as favourite nursery rhyme! ❤️ #nursery #babyroom https://t.co/rPtwlwtk7p

14 Jan 2016 11:14

The girls are blogging in force today! Read all about The ladies trip to @NMTmagazine awards https://t.co/QAZ6F5a1DT

14 Jan 2016 07:57

Our owners @RobjonesLFC2 @SueJones19 don't quite see eye 2 eye on Resolutions 😂😂😂 #family #modernworld https://t.co/Ncq6p6I9ht

13 Jan 2016 14:47

We even have our very own grand old Duke of York! Thanks Taylor 🇬🇧 #britishvalues https://t.co/z7qi3SSGo1

13 Jan 2016 14:44

It's dress up like your favourite Nursery rhyme today Supporting children's ❤️of books #language #literacy #rhyme 📘📒 https://t.co/lFxYFYcXU7

13 Jan 2016 14:20

This time last year our fab new Willows was a shell Don't miss R Open Day, Sat 30th 10-2 to see the transformation! https://t.co/tDhMtwqLkl

12 Jan 2016 21:22

A night of staff training, development & staff rewards at our Willows nursery #RewardingExcellence #achievements https://t.co/nhgHxXsXhB

12 Jan 2016 15:32

The greatest gifts we give every day #confidence #self-esteem #have-a-go #nursery https://t.co/0fLOZjPOoW

12 Jan 2016 09:47

Sending huge Happy 1st Birthday wishes to the fabulous team @EvoCCTheLodge #nursery #Cheltenham #1stbirthday 🎉🎈🎂 x https://t.co/uZ4RuHiEha

11 Jan 2016 15:53

Who's coming along to our Official Open Day at Willows Nursery? #childcare #earlyyears #quality #Warrington https://t.co/qaLLX4PeS4